We think that some of the most wonderful about the inner city is the fantastic choice of exquisite fashion and designer shops. Hence our tour is centered on a selection of the best of the Copenhagen fashion scene. However, it’s not all fashion and shops as we will draw on our knowledge of the city, its architecture, its history and its different citizens.

The inner city is the heart of Copenhagen. It is the city’s old center and its history runs all the way back to the foundation of Copenhagen. The quarter is without a doubt the most beautiful of Copenhagen and it offers spectacular palaces, churches, castles and small townhouses which have been carefully renovated and redecorated in beautiful colors.

The city is the heart of Copenhagen not only for the historical architecture. It is also the district with the most shops, restaurants, cafes, yes – it has got everything, also people as this is the area where all of Copenhagen meets one another. There are both bourgeois and eccentrics, teenagers and elderly people all enjoying the city in each their own way.

We promise that beside a great shopping experience you will obtain an image of Copenhagen that is slightly different to the one most people would know after spending some time in Copenhagen. We look forward to sharing our knowledge on Copenhagen with you so that after the two hour in our company you will know everything about the best places to go for a meal whether a posh restaurant or just a quick bite, the secret cafes and the small cosy bars.

Photos:credits to visitcopenhagen.dk/monokrom.dk