This tour will give you the best of two cities in two countries – including a scenic drive crossing the Øresund Bridge.

We start up in Copenhagen for a 3-hour walk including the essentials of town from highlights to everyday life, from gastronomy, hidden gems and gardens to the waterfront, urban planning and local vibes.

At the end of the tour we will help you purchasing tickets for the regional train taking you to Malmö in Sweden over The Bridge, well known from the Nordic Noir drama series. (It takes app. 40 minutes and the tickets are not included in the tour price).

In Malmö one of our Swedish colleagues will meet you at the Central Station, Malmö C, for a walk covering the past and present of the city. During the tour you will see the renaissance castle, Malmöhus, the medieval St. Petri Church, the old cemetery, The City Library designed by the Danish architect Henning Larsen as well as The Big and The Little Square wrapped in cute, winding cobbled streets, cozy atmosphere and colorful houses. You will also get an introduction to the delicious Malmö Food Hall and the significant landmark Turning Torso, created by the world famous architect, Calatrava.

The tour takes app. 8 hours including the transfers. And, if needed, we can fill in a lunch break in Copenhagen after getting the train tickets, before you leave for Sweden. We will also be more than happy to recommend some fabulous restaurants, shops, hotels and bars in Malmö for the night, if you want to stay there for a while.