The local neighborhood of Nørrebro is Copenhagen´s melting pot, where immigrants, hipsters and families blend together. The district has gone through big changes the last couple of years and while joining us, you´ll get to see some of the old, authentic working class hubs of Nørrebro, as well as some of the most trendy shopping streets right now.

30 percent of Nørrebro´s inhabitants are immigrants, which makes the neighborhood the most colorful and vibrant in our town. Many of them came to Denmark in the 1960´s to work in our big factories and settled down in the cheap apartments in this working class neighborhood and stayed here.

From the 1970´s Nørrebro has undergone an urban renewal. In the first place by demolishing some of the old and trashy buildings to make space for new, rational solutions ­ and in present time in corresponding with the locals and gently renovate the old buildings, which you e.g. will see in flourishing Jægersborggade and Elmegade. These two streets are now highly gentrified and one of the reasons why Michelin star restaurants and edgy design shops opened here.

On our way through Nørrebro we will tell you about past and present times and of course ask you to join us for a walk through the amazing cemetery “Assistens Kirkegård”, where the locals hang out for a coffee, while dropping by the tombs of Danish V.I.P´s such as the fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen.

We end the tour around Jægersborggade, where we definitely recommend you to stay for a couple of hours for shopping, coffee drinking or even for a wine and dine.

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