You have probably heard that we Copenhageners are enjoying a swim in our harbor from time to time? One of the harbor´s dedicated swimming pool areas is located in the neighborhood of Islands Brygge, which is our focus on this tour.

Once upon a time Islands Brygge was a lively working class quarter filled to the brim with heavy industry, freights, loaded cargo ships and a bunch of small apartments for the workers. But from the 1980´s a transformation slowly began: The factories closed down their activities and some of the old siloes were converted into high-end loft apartments and young self confident residents moved in.

Today the area offers an awesome mixture of green spots, residences, creative shops, unique hangouts and local activities such as the monthly flea market along the waterfront.

On the tour we will show you how it all began back in 1900: We will drop by some of the cool, industrial spots, manufacturing pencils, prints, cigars and soap in the good old days, now housing a concert hall, creative entrepreneurial companies, music studios and a sophisticated restaurant. We will also point out the most delicate shops and cafes for you, drop by the cute wooden sheds at Ballonparken – as well as letting the big nature area of Amager Fælled embrace you.

The tour starts at Cafe Langebro on Islands Brygge 1