Copenhagen is a green capital with an ambitious goal of becoming the first carbon neutral city in 2025. Our metropolis already ranks as the best bike city in the world, 62 % of the Copenhageners use their bike as their daily mode of transportation. And did you know that over 40 % of our electricity derives from wind energy?

Join us on a green bike ride and learn more about Copenhagen’s sustainable strategies. On this two and a half hours tour we will explore how the city is adapting to a greener and more climate friendly future through innovative and creative solutions. We will experience the climate adaption plan and urban gardens in downtown Copenhagen and visit the neighborhood of Nørrebro, where dedicated locals, committed designers, urban planners and visionary architects work for urban sustainability.

On the ride we will take a look at pure harbor water, urban gardens, green roofs, a sustainable fashion brand, a local supermarket, learn about recycled waste, organic gastronomy and public transportation, while we enjoy some of the many kilometers of wide bike paths.

Photos:credits to Rousing